Uninstall AVG Toolbar

Uninstall AVG Toolbar

Sometimes when you install a program it tricks you into installing other stuff as well. This is a sneaky and devious way of getting you to use ‘tools’ that are most often devices that track you.

I am sorry to see that AVG, a great AV program by the way, has resorted to this lowly tactic.

Here’s how to recover from a momentary lapse of attention.

Remove AVG Toolbar

  1. Turn off Firefox or Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Run the AVG installer program you used earlier to install the toolbar. If you can not find it, click Start – Control Panel – Programs – Uninstall a Program – Locate from the list the AVG installer.
  3. Select setup type as “Repair installation “.
  4. The AVG Security Toolbar installer window will appear on your screen. Untick the Recommended –Yes I would like to install AVG Security toolbar checkbox.
  5. Click the Next button and follow the instructions.

Remove AVG Secure Search

  1. Type: about:config in your Firefox web address field.
  2. Now type keyword.URL in the Filter box located on the top left side of the window.
  3. Right-click  the Keyword.URL key and from the menu, click Reset.
  4. Now, look for the following keys:
  5. browser.search.selectedEngine
  6. For each key, follow Step 3 instructions.