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Scary Spacewalk Is Imminent



I’m really nervous about this one. And I really wish they’d speak English. What’s with all this EDA’s, and oongafoongas? Some talks I don’t underspeak what you stand!

It wasn’t planned nor was it expected. In fact, NASA had hoped that the next delivery to the ISS would take care of …

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GOCE Crashed – It’s Not Alone – 3 More Coming Soon

GOCE Crashed

The Internet has been slathered with news about the upcoming fiery demise of GOCE (Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer), a European satellite that ran out of fuel a few weeks ago. The size of a small car, it weighed in at about 2,425 pounds. All of that burned up during …

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Space Oddity by Chris Hadfield [Video 5:31]

Space Oddity – Cover of David  Bowie song by ISS Station Commander Chris Hadfield

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it surely wasn’t something this good!

I’ve read this is the first music video created in space.




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Herschel Ran Out of Breath

Herschel breathes its last breath

It seems that Herschel has run out of helium and can no longer breathe. Apparently, nothing in this life lasts forever.

Without helium, the Herschel telescope cannot maintain its existence. It needed its cooling abilities to keep it “alive”.

Some of the greatest images of the universe and its …

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Soyuz Undocking, Landing and Greeting – Videos

 ISS Soyuz Expedition 34 – For those who missed it

The Soyuz undocking procedure, re-entry and landing went off without a hitch yesterday. For those who missed the Live Video Feed here on WinCom7 NASA TV, here are three video clips that cover the highlights. All videos were generously offered by NASA Television.


— …

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Comet Pan-STARRS – It’s the North’s Turn

Comet Pan-STARRS

Recently, Comet Pan-STARRS was on visible in the southern hemisphere. Now it’s our turn. This comet will be at its nearest approach to our sun today. At about 40 minutes after sunset you should be able to see it near the western horizon. It might be tricky, though. Try to see it too early …

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